NSI Certification and Verification Program

Certification Fee Schedule

1. Certification Logo Licensing Fee

There is currently no license fee associated with use of the NSI Certification Logo.

2. Quality Assurance Best Practice Certification Fees

Refer to Section 5 of the NSI Policy Supplement for QA Best Practices Certification/Verification for applicability of the Amendment Fee.

Fee Amount (US $) Payment Due
Certification Fee for 1 Best Practice $10,000 Upon registration to certify a business practice against one QA Conformance Requirements Document.
Certification Fee for 2 Concurrent QA Best Practice Certifications * $16,000 Upon registration to concurrently certify your product development business practice against two QA Conformance Requirements Documents.
Renewal Fee - per Best Practice area $8,000 Upon registration to renew the certification of a business practice against one QA Conformance Requirements Document.
Amendment Fee $400 Upon execution of a change in Business Practice Management, Business Practice Location, Reduction in Optional Requirements Supported by the Certified Practice, Administrative changes, or any other amendment to a business practice's certification information.

* Your organization must meet all of the following conditions in order to qualify for this fee:

  • Your organization must submit registration for certification against each Quality Assurance Conformance Requirements document separately to the Certification and Verification Authority.
  • The registrations must occur within 4 calendar days of each other. Specifically, the second registration must be submitted by the end of the 4th calendar day following the initial registration.
  • During the registration process, your organization must express its intent for these two registrations to be considered as registered together.
  • The registrations must specify the same Business Practice Location. The assessment process will thus be carried out at this location, at the same time for both certifications.

If your organization qualifies for concurrent certification, your first registration will be charged the standard certification fee and your second registration will be charged a discounted fee. The Open Group will collect a single payment for the two concurrent certifications.

Payment Terms

The fees are due at the time of registration for certification, renewal, certification update, or execution of an amendment and are payable in US dollars within 30 days of such registration, renewal, update, or amendment. All fees are quoted net of applicable taxes and duties which, where appropriate, will be payable in addition by the Organization to The Open Group, as the NSI Certification and Verification Authority (or to the relevant tax authorities as applicable). For further information please contact the NSI Certification and Verification Authority (email: , fax: +1-415-276-3760).

The Open Group reserves the right to amend this fee schedule from time to time and will give notice of such change at least 30 days prior.

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